Hand recognition


in which update this feature will be implemted?

as i bought the remote if thought wau thats cool. But now im still waiting and waiting. Also the releases are longer as u told. Shorter and smaller release but now no release is coming. 

Please make the sensor on the back of the remote working 


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  • I don't think it will come soon, if ever.  As part of their Kickstarter campaign exceeding 1.2 million dollars in funding we were promised an ifttt channel and guess what?  No such thing.  In the description of the device it is stated there is IR learning support.  Guess what?  No such thing.  I could go on for a bit.  NEEO is not a company that delivers its promises.  It sells visually beautiful products without support and then it moves on to the next product. 

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  • Sad but true

  • I really doubt this could be implemented reliably.  The sensor may be there, but I don’t think it is a reasonable expectation that it could recognize a particular hand.  

    • Mark Lopez 

      It's a reasonable expectation on the basis that was what was advertised, no?

    • Paul McEwan 

      when I said reasonable expectation, I was referring to the feasibility of implementing such a feature. Nothing to do with what was promised.  

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