Kickstarter Promises?

When will we get all the features that you promised on kickstarter? Such as Hand recognition, IR-Learning, fully AppleTV support, Bluetooth support etc.? Do you have a timeline for all these? I don't hope that all these things must go through the Idea-Voting section cause you advertised them...

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    • 13 days ago
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    Hi, Lukas Jörg Thank you for posting this.

    The features you posted are still on our development pipeline. However, some are not a priority and will likely be introduced later down the road. 

    Some Bluetooth devices are under development, but no definitive timeframe for their release. 

    Hand recognition is something our team has been working on, but not likely to be introduced anytime soon.

    What is missing for you on the Apple Tv?

    IR learning is being worked on as well, but not too sure when it will be released. Team members have reported seeing a working version of this 😉.

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  • Hmm, not what I was hoping for, but i'm sure looking forward to the IR-Learning thing!

    There are some Apps (for me it's teleboy) which needs to be controlled with swipe or tab gestures. Otherwise it's unusable...

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  • I'm on the same point. I have a Neeo remote controll for testing from a friend and as soon as it will be possible to  scroll in time-lapse of a stopped tv show i teleboy app, Neeo becomes te best universal remote controll ever and I'll buy one. But without scroll in time-lapse function, the device is usless.

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  • Same for me! Need swipe gesture on AppleTV!

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