Severe lag for AppleTV

I’ve had the remote since Kickstarter, and this is an issue that seems to be somehow getting progressively worse. Commands entered on the remote sometimes don’t work at all on my AppleTV (I see the light on the AppleTV flash as it receives a command, but it does nothing). I press 3-5 more times, light flashing, and FINALLY it might enter the command.

Also, the commands seem to be delayed significantly. Using the NEEO for the AppleTV is shockingly slow compared to the AppleTV’s remote.

And it didn’t always seem this bad. It honestly seems to get worse and worse. Or I’m getting more impatient.

I’ve reset the brain a while back, and I keep making sure nothing is blocking the brain and mini-brain. This also seems to really only be a problem with the physical NEEO remote, not the app. Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

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  • Josh Rhoades This is weired, did you change the position of the Brain or the IR Pug? If not, you can try the unpair command again. For doing so, you can add it via the shortcut page. Then press it again so all previously connected remotes (ir) are unpaired from Apple TV. This can help to set the AppleTv to the main IR Codeset.

    I will also pull in Jeff and Ingrid to help you from the official side. May you like to give them your NEEO Hostname so they can check the Logfiles? You can find this in the about menu.

    If you like you can check also to reposition the brain or use the small pug to help the device better reach the code.

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  • Hi  Josh Rhoades Do let me know if the steps provided by Markus help. If not, DM me and we can try something else :).


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