Sonos Connect Amp - Line In

I am tweaking my settings on some recipes and one of the things I am attempting to do is push my TV audio through my Sonos.    I do not see the ability to have Sonos Select the line in input within the recipe builder.   Is this possible?

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  • I have to check on that, but I don't have access to an amp right now. I'll try to figure it our as soon as possible.

      • Bob Denney
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      • Bob_Denney
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Patrick thank-you sir!

    • Patrick Any news on this? I would like to see the same thing.  I need to be able to select my line in (turntable) via my neeo.  

      • Patrick
      • Community Manager
      • Patrick
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Evan Manaresi I have assigned that to our developer team and they already took a short look at this. As for the moment, I don't think this will make it in the next release, since it is not a huge change it should not take very long though and it will come for sure.

    • Patrick Same problem. Has it been solved by Neeo in the meantime

  • This is the same with a Sonos Play:5, no way of selecting the line-in.

  • This is an old thread now but has this had any work done to add the line in? I have the same issue mentioned and cant see the line in option anywhere?

    Sonos is great in that it auto detects the volume so TV or projector sound can work flawlessly through a Play5 or Connect/Amp but if you are to select music using the remote or app then there is no way through the remote to reselect the audio line in. This then requires either a full power cycle to reinitiate the auto line detection (which might not work with Sonos unless powered down for a few minutes) or using the Sonos app to reinstate the line in.

    I would hope it can be added in the menu just like the UI of the Sonos app. If not is there no way to add as a shortcut?