Great Job, want more!

This is the first remote that lets me define connections between amplifier sat receiver and tv and seamlessly switch volume control between the amp for sat streams and tv volume for smart tv/Netflix. GREAT JOB.

i have numerous suggestions for improvement based on my short use of the remote.  I'll get to that other posts.

i would really like to integrate nest, hunter Douglass shades, and lutron switches into this remote. I'm sure you guys are bust with all the AV devices in the world today.


i wa very impressed that I could find controls for my old Denon amp/receiver and they work!

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  • Thanks a lot for the good feedback about your experiences so far. We are open to all kinds of suggestions, wishes, and dreams.

    Nest is coming up with one of the very next updates. How are the hunter douglass shades controlled, do you happen to know?

    Lutron has been requested many times, there are some user written drivers from the community, for example a driver for the caseta 4. Official support will be coming too, but that will take a while and I can not yet give you any estimate for then this will be ready.

  • Hunter douglass, they provide a wifi connected puck that runs a proprietary protocol between the shades and the puck.  They provide a controller, called pebble, and a smart phone app.  The app talks to the puck over the network.  The pebble may talk directly with the shades.  I'm not sure they'll want to work with other vendors; they could be closed minded about sharing.  Cracking the comms between app and the puck should be easy enough, but could violate a patent. Who knows?

  • We don't like hacking into things, the problem with that is that then very often software updates break integrations since they are not giving out any information. And then the hacking starts all over again.

    Would be really interesting though if there would be a public API / SDK.

    • Patrick Yeah, not recommending hacking.

  • Ron

    How did you get that specific volume control to work?  There are other people who can't figure out how to handle that. Including me!!

    • Rick Rollins I'll have to check and get back to you.  I tried a few things and cannot recall what worked. 

    • Rick Rollins OK,
      I added devices for direcTv, my Denon AV receiver, and Samsung TV 

      then I created a recipe

      when Icon Directv is pressed

      send "power on" to directv

      Use "AV Reciever" volume

      show "directv" controls

      send "Power On" to TV

      send "Power On" to "Av Receiver"

      send "Input hdmi3" to Tv      <my directv input comes in on TV-hdmi 3>

      Send "input cable/sattelite" to "av receiver"   <selects my Denon Sat input>


      How well this works is entirely dependent on where the Neeo IR blaster is relative to my Denon and Directv.  I wanted to blame Neeo for skipped button presses, but it appears to be more related to my IR setup. 

    • Ron Leavitt   So what is missing for me is the 'Use AV Receiver volume.  That's pretty awesome, but I can't find it anywhere when editing my custom recipes..  Was this listed for you under the DirectTV device, or the Denon device?

      To the NEEO folks, where should this volume control be listed?  I seem to recal initially the phone app asked me how I had my system wired, but after multiple clicks of the 'reset wiring' function, I've never been asked again. What does that function even do?  Sorry if this is hijacking your thread.

    • Rick Rollins it's one of the denon receiver's controls.

      • Patrick@NEEO
      • Community Manager
      • Patrick
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Rick Rollins As for the moment the step "Use Volume Controls..." can not be used in custom recipes. There is a work around by just adding one of your devices (or any other) again which will give you an automated recipe which has that step in it.

      We are working on a solution for that.

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