Brain network state changes

I have been observing my Neeo Brain being very noisy on my network the last several days.  My network monitor has identified over 40 state changes in the last 24 hours.   Does the device "sleep" and wake up or is always active on the network?   Is this indicative of a pending issue?

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  • Can you specify state changes?

  • Interesting, but I assume we need a bit more information on that to be able to start analyzing. Is your NEEO Brain running on WiFi or on Ethernet? How did you measure? 

  • Niels de Klerk  Patrick  I run a network monitor on my network called Fingbox and it has been catching "state" changes of the neeo devices (both the brain and the simplelinc device).   I have included a couple of snapshots.    It appears the devices are going up and down with some frequency.    I did some more investigation yesterday and it appears to only be the wifi connection that is highly active.    The ethernet port is quiet.   

    • Bob Denney As far as i can say, the Simple link should be the Remote. This behaviour looks normal for me, the other part is the Remote and this seems not to be right.

      The remote only enters the WiFi if it was woken up. But the Brain should stay active in the Network all day long?!?

    • Bob Denney on what parameters are these messages based. ICMP? available ARP entry? or WiFi connect/disconnects?

      some WIFI networks support power efficiency. This means that the client won’t be actively participating in the network. So this could be normal behavior depending on the way it’s being tested.

    •  Bob Denney

      i'm correct, that you mean this device? If so, can't find realy dedicated Informations on the short hand, what is used to capture this.

      Niels de Klerk

      Isn't there a Neeo Wifi left Network missing? If it is related to Power Saving modes?

      At least in the screenshoot there is no left Network for the Neeo Wifi, so this seems not really logged out of the Network, but i can be wrong, i don't know the device providing the Feature!

    • Markus Mahr If I don’t know what kind of test the monitoring system actually executes, I cant say anything usefull about it. It be anything and nothing.

  • Thanks Markus Mahr  so the remote communicates with the brain over wifi?  it could be it waking up as it sits on my desk and gets bumped fairly regularly.   

      • Patrick@NEEO
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      • Patrick
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Bob Denney Yes, the NEEO Remote does use WiFi, in addition to that there is NEEO Link which is another way of communication in between the NEEO Remote and Brain. When you put your NEEO Remote down, it turns off the screen and after a while, it also closes the WiFi connection. 

      Every time it is woken up it connects to WiFi again. 

    • Bob Denney as Patrick allready written above but you can actually check it.

      Just go to the Menu in the app open the about page under NEEO Brain you see the IP of the LAN and the IP of the WiFi Connection. Then you have the two from the Brain.

      Go to the menu on the remote also open the about page and you can see the ip from the remote.

      As adition, you can watch the Top Bar on the Remote, the right icon is the WiFi coverage, the left dots are the neeo link, normally after pickup the wifi should be available almost immediately and the neeo link will then get established.


      with the ip adresses, you should be able to see, witch device belongs to witch join and leave in the Fingbox

      • Bob Denney
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      • Bob_Denney
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      Markus Mahr Thanks Markus...   I had done that and the noisy device is the wifi connection on the Brain.    (listed in app as Brain WLAN).    I can't seem to see the MAC address or IP address of the Remote itself in the settings.     That is why I didn't think it looked right, I don't see any reason the brain's wifi would bounce.   

    • Bob Denney I also can't imagine, why this is happening with the Brain. Maybe it help, if you can say, with WiFi Standard and witch type of encrytion you use. Also i think, Patrick will adress this to a developer of the team to recheck.

  • This discussion raises a closely-related question:   I recall the set up instructions said to disconnect the LAN connection of the brain to the Internet once Wi-Fi was established. However, I have wondered if it would be more stable to keep the LAN connection for the brain.  Please tell me keeping the LAN  onnection would be beneficial, or, conversely, if it would create problems.  Thanks,


    • Edley Jones You can always let it plugged in. That doesn't change the behaviour of the Brain. Depending on your Network, the Influence from other Sources and this thinks it can give you a more reliable Connection. But the Brain will always use both Connections to Communicate, and the WiFi is also needed for the Remote to workt correctly, since in the Current Firmware the Primary way used for communication with the Brain is over WiFi and the secondary is through Neeo Link. Only if the Link is established, the Remote preferr the NEEO Link way, and will fall back to WiFi as soon as the Link was getting down.

      Operation with LAN and WiFi is no Problem!

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