Backlit buttons

The buttons are not backlit? Makes it hard to use in dark room. This is a miss in my opinion. 

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  • The remote is designed without backlit buttons. We believe if you have to look down to your buttons while operating the device something with the design would be wrong anyways. This would be a little bit like having to look at the the gear shift while you are driving. We have implemented some little tactile guidance "nipple" on the MENU and the HOME buttons to you know where your thumb is. The entire keypad shape and design is made so after a short while you should be able to use it intuitively. Use it a couple of days and let me know how it went. Thanks!

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    • Raphael I like the occasional tactile guidance nipple ;) 

      I agree on the whole backlit thing not needed, it would drain the battery and if you can't remember a few buttons you should see a doctor about that memory of yours.. 

  • We are fully convinced that backlit for the hard buttons is not needed. The actual reason for the existence of the hard buttons is that you don't actually have to look at your NEEO Remote at all while using the most common commands since you can feel them. That way you should be able to intuitively control your devices.

    Kind of a workaround "to see" your commands is to just add them to the shortcuts, that way you may look at the touchscreen. But this is the opposite of the actual intention of the hard buttons.

    It would be really nice to hear back from you after using NEEO for a few days, we are sure after only a few days you won't be missing the backlight anymore.

  • Missing backlight was one of the first disappointments when I got the device.

    Not only do backlights look cool when done right (this includes manual control by user like on/off and brightness) it‘s also useful for people who don‘t use NEEO often like for instance a babysitter or visting friends.

    In my opinion a clear miss and I hope NEEO v2.0 will have backlight (and also USB-C for ALL power ports on PSUs and devices and also OLED display).

  • I can't believe it. You serious? After years of development no backlit? Is it a joke? It's useless with no backlit. I am so disappointed. 

  • This is why I rarely use it and just grab my Harmony Elite.  Using a Neeo in real world scenario is frustrating. Back-lit buttons ARE needed in a home theater scenario.  Makes me wonder how the testing R&D process missed this. A remote with a premium price tag should, without a doubt, have back-lit buttons. I don't agree with the response on why they were omitted. It's not like driving a stick shift as explained in the official response. Most people watch TV in a dark room. Many with guests and those who just want to pick up a remote and use it. I shouldn't have to solely rely on training my brain on where the right buttons are. And BTW, one would have to go through this period in well lit room until they are "trained". If the buttons were back-lit it would make it a whole lot easier to familiarize yourself with the layout and be an overall more pleasant, intuitive, and premium experience. I get that there are not a lot of buttons, but I find myself looking down at the remote only to find myself getting my phone out to provide light to the buttons. There are other problems on the software side that makes it unusable to me but that's another topic. Anyone that has used the standard (and all tech industry agrees) Logitech Harmony knows what I'm talking about and is probably disappointed in the current experience Neeo has to offer. My main complaint is when I backed this project on kickstarter I thought I was upgrading from the Logitech Harmony experience. When I received the actual remote, after waiting so long, I was disappointed. Neeo has a whole lot of catching up to the competition to do and I hope it does and surpasses it. Until then...

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  • I agree with others in this thread that NEEO has some catching up to deal with on creating a truly better experience from a hardware standpoint. The number of physical buttons on the remote is one major barrier for me in order to take the leap into this ecosystem. I find myself reaching for the physical play, pause, and skip buttons on my harmony elite pretty often rather than any soft buttons. As others have mentioned alwady backlit buttons will go a long way towards mass adoption. Finally in order to take the hardware to the next level the inclusion of a microphone would be a great touch. I hate that going from my Sony remote to a harmony remote I lose voice control.

  • I agree with the users who have posted here. I use My remote in my cinema and end up using my phone to see the buttons. 

    Disappointing  is the how I feel as well. I’m the wrong side of 50 and don’t touch type on iPhones etc.  I need to look at wvweything I touch. 

    I’ve had it a couple of months now and its great that it save me hanging over the back of the chairs trying to get the signal through the AV rack, but I’m now struggling to get it to work 100% in my cinema setup. 



  • It would look cool if the hard buttons were backlit, - but the main reason for me to buy this remote was the intuitive and simple button layout, not for the remote to 'look cool': This is all about functionality.

    I don't need to look at it to navigate around the most used commands.

    The intuitive layout, usability and tactility of the hard buttons all go together as one to make backlit hard buttons surplus to requirements.

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