What are shortcuts?

I see how to add them from the mobile app, on the shortcuts screen when a recipe like "Watch TV" or "Roku" has been run, and the TV or Roku are on? What might be a good example of a useful shortcut?

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  • They are for additional commands that may not have been mapped to a button or screen icon. They can be commands from any device in your list of devices. I have one set up to control the zoom function from my receiver while watching blu-rays on my blu-ray player.

  • On your movie recipe a shortcut to your receivers movie sound setting might be one. Or the 3D button of your TV. Any thing you need actually. My experience is that you won’t need to add a lot of these as the common commands are allready added.

  • Thank you both, I found where these can be added under Devices, and created a shortcut tfor the letter “d” command for the Xfinity cable TV DVR. This is the delete command is used when viewing recorded content.  It’s an important command, without it you must use multiple commands to reach a Delete option. So important in fact it made me wonder if it’s a hidden key command on the remote somewhere?  I discovered by accident how a long hold on the Menu key brings up the Xfinity menu, and a short click brings up the Guide (tv schedule).  Is it possible the letter d command (delete) is already hidden on the remote and a shortcut isn’t needed?

    • Steve A no a delete command has no physical binding. But it is a good example of why you would add a shortcut.

    • Steve A  bill  What?  Steve, it took me years to realize that the missing cursor and menu/back/ok buttons (that were on the App but not on the Remote) were in fact mapped to the hard buttons on the Remote.  It made my day! (actually I felt like an idiot not to have found them immediately... but oh well.)   

      So, now I'm reading that there may be different mappings for short and long hold on the Remote buttons!?  I can't wait to get home and check it out for my devices!  :-/

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      • Patrick@NEEO
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      Bill Kaczmarek I actually do like your excitement  about that 😉👍

    • Patrick Not to bury you guys ... but maybe in a future release... 

      It might be good to visually distinguish on the App the portions that are hard-buttoned or long-hold buttoned.  It would be a visual clue to the new user -- maybe a different dotted line or a different color line.  (When the user knows what to expect from working with the App and then doesn't see it on the Remote, the visual clues may help.) 

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