Playstation 3 -- what am I doing wrong?

I received my Neeos (all three of them -- what can I say, I have many AV zones!) this past Friday and got one of them nearly set up. I got the AV receiver, Blu ray player, TiVo, XBox 360, and Apple TV set up correctly. But I wasn't able to get the Sony Playstation 3 connected. This is the original PS3, which I believe uses Bluetooth. 

Do I first have to turn on the PS3, go to a Bluetooth pairing menu, and then try to connect the Neeo? Or am I mistaken about Bluetooth in that normal infrared will work too?

I feel like I'm overlooking something simple... 

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  • Casey Congratulations to own three of these devices, first!

    In the actuall Firmware there is no Connection from Bluetooth to any Unit Possible, this feature will be implemented later in an newer Version. Currently the only Supported ways are IR-Communication and TCP/IP Communication (via the SDK). That means, at this state, the NEEO is not capable to Control the PS3 (or FireTV or Nvidia Shield, or any other Bleuthooth unit).

    So you are not Overlooking something!


    As Patrick and Raphael allready sayed, that feature and the HDMI-CEC control will come with a later Firmware to the NEEO Brain.

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