please add driver dreambox HD800SE & OneForAll HC-8300 IR to radio converter

Hi Driver Team,

please add the following devices:

1) Dreambox HD800SE

2) OneForAll HC8300 => Infrared to radio converter, converts the IR to a radio signal to remotely controll the radio switches/dimmers and my motorized screen via the IR universal remote like Neeo:

Here you can see how it is implemented in the Harmony database:

thank you


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  • Christian Uhl The Dreamboxes are all implemented since day one. You need to search for Dreammultimedia Dreambox i think, but else, Andy is responsible for the Database and can tell for sure.

    Also he can add your other box if it is not allready in.

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    • Markus Mahr HI Markus, the most sold 800 Series is not in (DM800/DM800SE/DM820 is missing), 500/600/620/900/7025 are in. Just add device and type dream and you get all the dreambox models they already have in.

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    • Christian Uhl Hi, I submitted your two devices requests. We will come back to you as soon as possible. 

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    • Ingrid Thank you.

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Christian Uhl 

      Many thanks for your request! This device is already supported. It's called "Dream Multimedia DM800 HD SE". Thanks!

  • Ingrid Please forward this driver request too.

    Please add the

    1) Brix GB-BXBT-2807 mini PC too. The Brix Series is the same as the Intel Nuc but more power for less money from the manufacturer gigabyte.

    the brix should have the same functions as the Intel NUC regarding the remote control (eg Power on/off). The likelyhood that the Intel NUC and Brix with the same spec having the same IR codes is very high as boards are from the same manufacturer, also the CPU chipsets.

    see also this thread:

    2) the awox Smart LED and Smart Stripe

    3) the myDlink cameras

    Thank you

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Christian Uhl 

      Brix GB-BXBT-2807 mini - Here's a Live IR Test where you can test if these commands are working. Plus, we had some struggles with the power commands for some NUC device. Let me know which command does what. 

      The Live IR Test works the following way:

      1. Navigate to the Settings Menu in your NEEO app.
      2. Navigate to NEEO Brain.
      3. Click on "Live IR Test".
      4. Enter into the text field the following code: Pa8cquORMq
      5. Test the commands

      Thanks for testing!

    • Andy Hi Andy, for the test you supplied I need to have XBMC/Kodi or Microsoft Media Center installed to test it. Planned to do the Kodi but not installed yet. The brix has the power on lan feature in the bios but missing the IR with PC6/MCE compitabiltiy. I fgured for the power on/off feature via IR remote from S5 I additionally need to order and install the Simrec PCS-2 IR:

      or via MCE only S2/3 (from sleep mode) but full Kodi/windows media receiver steering I got recommended the Auvisio MCE remote+dongle (pay 15Euro and throw away the remote, the neeo does it but the IR USB dongle should work well) eg in CH here

      the audiovisio dongle from the kit above with Harmony should work, tested by many so I assume neeo works too.

      I Ordered AUDIOVISIO and will give feedback when installed and be able to test it.

      BOTH mod all th NUC guys did if they didn't have the two I5core models with the Haswell chipset that had that from factory. BOTH Should also work with any other PC/HTPC, SIMREC needs a ATX board but not specific to the Brix or NUC

  • Christian Uhl the 800hdse are in fore sure! I used it by myself since day one until I have written an enigma2 SDK driver!

    The search doesn't currently displays all results if you just search for dream! It is limited so the last will not be displayed, that's why I wrote you to search explicitly for the device.

    Ingrid all dreamboxs are allready in for 100%aber only the newest one 900 or 920 can't be teller from my side.

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    • Markus Mahr You are right, if I type in the exact model it appears. Thank you. The helpdesc team doesn't know about this also, Pascal was forwarding this request some time ago when I received my neeo and he helped me getting it started.

      So Dreambox case solved and closed.

      The search algorythm should get some improvement, i am for sure not the only one who causes unnecessary driver requests due to that.

  • Markus Mahr Thank you very much for your help! I couldn't find it so I thought we should have a look at it anyway. ;) 

    Christian Uhl Thank you for your requests. Just for you to know: You can also use the "Request Inclusion" over here. There you can add your device request directly. 

    1. I will forward that to the team. If its IR it should be fine. Thanks for the information about the same codes.  I will create a new thread with Brix GB-BXBT-2807  so other users can find it easier. I hope that's fine for you. Then I'll mark that thread as solved. 

    2. + 3.  I have checked this with the team and this two devices only work with Bluetooth. In that case, we use a voting system to prioritize such devices, which you can find here. You can create a new thread over there. Thanks!

  • Christian Uhl the device OneForAllHC8300 has been added to the NEEO database.

    Let me know if everything works correctly.

    • Ingrid thank you. The OFA 8300 basically works. Could connect the OFA 8000 receiver but my intertechno receivers don't work, but they did with the harmony. The learn&program process for the OFA 8300 is different with neeo. On the other side I could program no name receivers to switch on (but not off) with neeo which didn't work with harmony. So I need to figure out if this is a problem of the database/driver not including the codes or me learn&program the interntechno recivers wrongly. Will test more in depth and give feedback.

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