Remote crashing after firmware update

Hi, having an issue with the remote crashing ever since the the new firmware updates. Brain has been updated and remote shows no new firmware available. This issue never occurred once with the previous version.


I will open a recipe and put the remote down. When I pick it back up to do something the screen will be black. Pushing hard buttons does not wake it. I have to hold the power button to essentially turn it on again. This happened 5-6 times maybe since updating.


Searched the forums a bit, but didn't come across any topic about this issue. I easily could have missed it though. Thought this may want to be logged if others are having issues as well.

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  • I have exactly the same issue. Crashes minimum once nearly everytime I want to use it.

    Please fix asap

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  • Also a lot of 'can not communicate with brain' messages that go away after ~20 seconds. This also never occurred before update for me.

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  • I can also concur that the remote crashes after particular function hard & soft buttons are activated.

    Specifically: 1 - Using the DirecTV menu soft icons "30 Sec jump forward" & "10 sec Jump Backward" will create a remote freeze if these buttons are activated with repeated taps. 2 - using the hard button arrows with Netflix or Amazon with repeated taps.

    The end result is a "Reconnecting" message on the remote which then results in having to go thru the activity menus in oder to return to your location. These anomalies occur at least twice per day and are extremely frustrating. 

    Additionally the soft colored dots are no longer functioning since the last update with the exception of the Red Dot on the DirecTV menu screen. 

    We need an update to fix the update!

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  • My experience: Hangs are becoming more frequent (several times per week now). Although the device now seems to reboot itself when this happens. It's particularly annoying because it often happens after something like a fast forward command, and by the time the remote has rebooted, my entire program has been fast-forwarded all the way through.

  • Same here. Still ongoing. 

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