NEEO SDK 50.5 - Changes and Features

Dear NEEO SDK Users


Our SDK is currently evolving quite a bit, I am happy to announce that a public SDK release is coming up.  For release 0.50.5, which is just around the corner, we have a huge bunch of new SDK features coming up. This new version of our SDK will not only allow you to start using lists and much more, it will also make it very simple to have multiple drivers running at the same time by initializing them automatically with a single command. 

This does not only allow you to implement much more complex drivers, this also helps us to deliver integrations for more devices much faster.

The new SDK is available here. The NPM package has also been updated already.


To make sure your drivers can use the full potential of the new SDK features, we have to announce a few changes which are important to know:



With the SDK release 0.50.x a new way of running the drivers through a `neeo-sdk` CLI will be available. The main target is to make starting of multiple drivers much easier. The new version makes the use of `startServer` deprecated, and there is no longer a need for the developer to manually call the `disoverOneBrain` function. To make sure your driver is compatible with the new CLI, check out the required changes in


Switch - Boolean instead of String

To fix an inconsistency in the switch handling we changed it so that it now makes use of a boolean instead of a string data type. So if your driver does include a switch (addSwitch), you’ll have to change it accordingly. No need to wait for the public release of the SDK or the firmware, you can go ahead an do this change right now.


SDK Release Notes

  • Now Supports "isLabelVisible" flag which allows to hide the label for textlabels when needed
  • Added new bridgeDevice capability, for example a Philips Hue is a bridge device which can add multiple devices
  • Added support for custom lists - Including example for a file browser
  • Added new device type "MUSICPLAYER"
  • Added "listbutton" and "listinfo" items to list builder
  • The "addSwitch() setter" is now called with boolean value instead of string (BREAKING)
  • The NEEO Brain version is now validated before starting the SDK instance (>= 0.50.0)
  • Added support for automatic drivers start through the 'neeo-sdk' CLI
  • Added new option to register a device
  • Updated devicestate service, added registerStateUpdate function
  • Added support for security code entry before the discovery
  • Added more Sanity Checks
  • Added support for recursive NPM installs on 'devices' directory
  • Implemented subscribe/unsubscribe callbacks for devices lifecycle
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  • Patrick Fiaux

    How do I confirm which version of the SDK is installed?

    • Paul Spee if you run `npm list neeo-sdk` it should print the version currently installed.

  • Patrick said:
    To fix an inconsistency in the switch handling we changed it so that it now makes use of a boolean instead of a string data type.

    Patrick Fiaux Patrick

    Unless I am not reading the documentation carefully, the documentation does not seem to describe the data types at all.

  • I was hoping somebody can help me a bit to get me back in the right direction. I have been trying to get the new cli to work, but seem to have hit a roadblock. I have held off asking for a few days because I like to try and learn for myself, but at the moment I have run out of ideas. After multiple failures at getting the cli to work, I decided to try and build 2 drivers in the most basic sense. The goal was 2 drivers, 1 button from each driver, start using cli.

    The error I have run into at this point is attached. Sorry if this is simple question, until NEEO I really knew nothing about javascript/node/npm/git etc.... Its been a learning experience for me, ha.

    • Aaron Ranson 

      There seems to be more issues then one, i'm also not really fit with the code but get it working. As i see, there are missing Infos and Typos in both Codes:

      The main structure should be ok, but in the following there needs to be changes:

      device1 - index.js

      'Use strict'
      const neeoapi = require('neeo-sdk');
      const controller1 = require('./controller1');
      module.exports ={ devices:[device1]}

      device1 - controller1.js

      'Use strict'
      module.exports.onButtonPressed = function onButtonPressed(name) {
      ---do here what you like

      Maybe this helps, but like i say, i'm also a noob in this and learn from the NEEO SDK.

      maybe Niels de Klerk or others can check, due to they have better knowledge (but also learned from the NEEO SDK)

    • Aaron Ranson i quickly checked you code. your driver needs to expose an array of drivers, which looks ok:

      module.exports = {
          devices: [

      however device1 and device2 are in fact arrays to, so in the end you expose

      module.exports = {
          devices: [
              [ device1 ],
              [ device2 ],

      long story short

       module.exports = [

      should be

       module.exports = device1controller;


      Thanks for sharing - we can definitive improve add a sanity check there and add a more readable error message, should be part of the next SDK release.

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      • Aaron Ranson
      • Consumer
      • Aaron_Ranson
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Michael Vogt Perfect! Thank you, its always just a missing bracket or etxra colon......😣

      Did the error message give any hints at what may have been wrong or did you just scan over code and spot it? I tried reading the error log, but unfortunately a lot of it is over my head at the moment.

  • So I have one remote that always seems to run though it's power quickly and I may have figured out why the battery is being drained on it.

    So this remote/brain combo is on the edge of my wifi network and I've got the NEEO link turned on for this remote - mainly because without it, I constantly get the 'connecting' message because it's really on the edge (probably should put an extender in that room - but that's another subject).  With NEEO link on, I have very little issues with it (just a few pauses when I get too far from the brain).

    I've always assumed the power draw was because it was probably reconnecting so much with my wifi (since it's on the edge) - however, I just noticed something else today..

    The remote was sitting on a table all by itself (we weren't at the table) and every once in awhile - the screen would randomly turn on like something had nudged it.  We were quite a distance away from it and I don't *think* that us moving around would have sent enough vibrations to it to trigger the screen to turn on.

    Normally the remote is in the dock and I know this doesn't happen so I moved the remote around to different places (far away from us) and it would every once in awhile just light up.

    Possible explanations:

    1. Did something in the firmware change the sensitivity of the remote? Don't know

    2. Could something hardware wise made the remote more sensitive? (this remote also has a very very small 'clunk' inside it when moving it side to side - like the battery is shifting a millimeter or so)

    3. Is there a scenario where the screen will light up on a wifi reconnect? (which would happen randomly with this remote)

    Either way - it's very curious..

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