WwwN - or What works with Neeo?

I‘m looking to buy some smart gu10-lamps. Reading here did not really help because its simply to much text and no index available.


is there somewhere a list where i can see which brands of specific devicecategories allready work with neeo?

For example: you need a lamp? NEEO works with good with brand xy, and has basic support for brand yz, zx and xx.


the works-with-neeo section only helps if i allready know what device i own.

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  • Huber Raphael Fully agree with you. We are working on a buyers guide where users can recommend each other the best devices. I try to stay as neutral as possible but I can tell you I use LIFX and a ton of HUE lightbulbs at my home and both work very nicely. Thanks

  • For lamps i know, that LIFX was coded from two users here and were implemented with the last Firmware Update with a local API and the Cloud API. Also Philips Hue is implemented (with the use of the Hue Hub).

    Others are currently not known by myself. But maybe you will see others also reply here and give a feedback. Hope this helps quite a bit.

  • @Markus Mahr @Raphael

    thx for your answers. Hope to see this buyers guide soon...  ;)

    HUE and LIFX are no option right now. The prices for a single lamp is simply insane...  with the price of 4 of these lamps i could have backed another neeo-combo ^^‘


    i hope this stuff gets payable soon. Btw. Please support the IKEA lamps.