Denon AVR-1802 fails regularly


in my setup the Denon AVR-1802 works once after setup and then consistently fails to respond to any command. Using the original remote works, so it‘s definitely on the NEEO side.

i updated the driver and also tried the generic denon avr device with said sad result...what can be done?


Best regards,


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  • Hello Bernd-Christoph, sorry to hear this, I have sent your request to the Device Driver Team, we will come back to you as soon as your device is updated. Regards,

  • Hello Bernd-Christoph, could you send me screenshots of the recipe you use on your device, the problem you are having probably comes with a setup or recipe issue. Thank you for your feedback. Regards,

    • Emily sure, here you are:

    • Emily interestingly, i do observe the following: when i start the recipe, it says „starting tv“ and „starting fernsehen“ (these devices being my tv and my sat-receiver) but not „starting av-receiver“ although this device is explicitely powered on in the recipe. Also, if i test this step (send power on to av-receiver) in the recipe the av-receiver doesn‘t start.

    • Bernd-Christoph Schwede Hello, could you add the "Power On" shortcut command for the AV Reciever (on the AV Receiver device menu) and try if it powers on the AV Receiver. Thank you for your feedback. Regards,

    • Emily Hello Emily, I added the shortcut and it does not switch on the AV receiver.

    • Bernd-Christoph Schwede could you also share a picture of the shutdown part of the recipe? As it only works once I think that the brain believes the receiver is still powered on and thus not sending a power command again. It might miss a Power off command in one of the recipes.

      A quick test would be to power off all your devices. Then reboot the NEEO brain. After it’s fully booted. try the recipe again. If I’m right then the receiver will power on.

      this is only a test and not a fix. But might help in finding a fix.

    • Hi Niels de Klerk that‘s a good one! Actually I didn‘t know anything about the shutdown part of a recipe - probably that is automagically constructed during recipe creation / device adding / cable salad? Anyway, I found it and there was no power off for the av receiver. I added that and now the recipe at least tries to switch on and off the av receiver (i.e. displays „Starting AV receiver“ while starting the recipe). Still not working but a step closer i guess. Thanks - now waiting for the driver team...

    • Oh holy moly: just for the fun of it i once again deleted my AV receiver (was ‚Generic Denon AVR‘ in my previous attempt) and re-added it, this time as a ‚Denon AVR-1802‘ as about a zillion times before...and would you believe it - now it works. Switches fine between Apple TV and SAT TV without switching off the Denon AVR while properly switching it off when needed. And on as well. No clue why it works now - maybe because of Niels‘ trick or maybe because i used my new iPhone today for the first time? Bit late now, will repeat tests tomorrow but looks like case closed - thank you very much!

    • Bernd-Christoph Schwede Nice! I have no idea why it’s fixed now, might have been something wrong in the recipe that got fixed by manually adding the shutdown (should happen automatically) or maybe the driver got updated in the mean time. Anyway have fun :-)

    • Bernd-Christoph Schwede Glad to hear 😉 I am closing this thread as it has "solved on its self". Please let me know if the issue reappears. Regards,

      Niels de Klerk Thank you for your post and help 😉 Regards,

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