Samsung recipe not working

I have made a recipe for my Samsung tv. When I run the recipe it doesn’t do what it supposed to do. When I test the steps within the recipe they all work and do what there supposed to do. But running the recipe only does the first step and than on the remote the steps are running but nothing is happening, what am I doing wrong ? 

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  • Hi, could you describe what your recipe is supposed to do? And please post the steps of your recipe (maybe a screenshot). I have a Samsung TV myself and no problems running recipes.

    • Tobias Vogel when I test the steps they work. But the recepy doesn’t 

    • Alfred van der Schagt Hello, I think you need to add at least one DELAY step in your recipe. Try adding a smart delay after the POWER ON signal. Your TV needs some time to boot and can't therefore process the following commands from NEEO. You have to check how long this delay should be, depending on the time your TV needs for booting and before it accepts the next commands. Start with 8 seconds, this works fine for my Samsung TV. You can adjust it if you TV is faster or slower. SMART DELAY means the delay is only executed when your TV is off, so you don't have to wait when running the recipe while the TV is already powered on. You will find the necessary command when editing the recipe and clicking on ADD STEP, it's called WAIT (ADD A DELAY). You can then adjust the waiting time in seconds and you will also see the switch for the SMART DELAY. Make sure the delay comes directly after the POWER ON. Maybe you need to insert more delays after the next steps - depending on how fast your TV will accept consecutive commands. Sometimes a delay of half second is sufficient after a cursor move or so to get it running smoothly. Another hint: Finish your recipe with a step that show the controls you need after running the recipe (e. g. SHOW "TV" Controls) or the volume controls you need (e. g. when using an external amplifier/soundsystem with your TV). 

  • thank you very much, after putting in the delays it works fine. I also finished the recipe with the Show "TV" controls. 

    thanks again

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