Improve Sonso favourites

Starting the sonos recipe shows the following screen:


  • Instant favourites shows the first four favourites - well as there is just a simple icon showing without any text, who should know which icon stands for what (in this case 4 different radio stations)
  • For a better experience I would like to have the following options:
    - Show text labels below the icons (sonos does not have images for radio stations and playlists that have been added as favourites)
    - Option to directely switch to the "My Sonos" view as there are all favourites visible including the corresponding text labels
    - Even better: to have a real NEEO favourites page with custom NEEO icons... (like the tv channel icons and on separate pages the differrent sonos features)
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    • Jeff
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    • Jeff
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Hello  Mischa Mundwiler

    Thank you for sharing this! We are always working to improve our UI and Sonos is a big one for us :). I will share this with the team asap! I will circle back to this thread soon when we release our next update for Sonos.

  • Any update on this issue?

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