No instructions.

Really no instructions?

You spent 4 years developing Neeo.

And not even  4 minutes on instructions. 

Don't say go to app. App is no help. 

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  • Which power supply for brain?  Which for dock? Does it matter? Who knows? It's not writen down anywhere. 

    Whats the disk with wire? Who knows? It's not writen down anywhere.

    What are the black capsules for? Who knows? It's not writen down anywhere.

    When I need to go online to find answers so as to not brick a $330 toy that means you failed  

    You say its super easy and fast setup. 2 days and counting my shit still don't work with Neeo. 

    My Home Theater Master MX500 was way better. 

    And guess what it came with an instruction sheet. 

    • Karl Smith I understand your frustrations. If you would have looked at the two power bricks you would have seen that they are identical. I'm sure you didn't need instructions for that. 😉

      As for the other frustrations, I think NEEO should acknowledge them by adding some quickstart in the definitive NEEO products. 

      As for the speed of programmation, a simple setup (Mediaplayer, AVR, TV) is done in 2 minutes, without to enter numerical (brand) codes or the use of a PC, that's hands down the easiest I've come across.

      Still, I agree that by shipping this kind of products without any leaflet they made the experience quite daunting for some.

    • Karl Smith If you bought a product that requires the internet to function, there is no reason why you shouldn't have to go online for instructions.  No need to waste paper.

  • Dude. Calm down. You literally came and blasted off 3 angry posts. 

    Use the search feature in Planet Neeo to see if similar questions have been asked.

    Accept the fact there are no instructions. Your posts are noted. Now move on and try to ask for help, politely, to get started.

    I had similar questions -- here is my thread.

  • Karl Smith If I got that right, most of your answers have already been replied by all the great and friendly users here.

    In general, I do agree, some more instructions, be it on paper or within the NEEO App could probably have got you started a bit quicker. I am collecting all of that information so we can have that missing hints added.

    Power-Supplies: Doesn't matter which one you use on the NEEO Brain or on the dock. You can't really do anything wrong.

    Disk with wire: This is an additional IR Emitter that can be plugged into the back of the NEEO Brain, this will then emit the very same Infrared signals as the NEEO Brain. This could, for example, be needed if you have all your devices but the TV in a cabinet, you can then have the NEEO Brain controlling all the devices in the cabinet, and this emitter can control the TV.

  • I agree with Karl.  After all of the time waiting for a unit and all of the claims of how well thought out everything was, beta testers and a box that is built better than most controls, they don't bother with even rudimentary instructions?  It's ok to have them online, but they should have a section on the website for them.  I shouldn't have to search through forums for the answer.  He has every right to be upset and it doesn't bother me that he's venting.

  • My response to that can be found here. Thanks for being active here guys!

      • Ozone
      • Ozone
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Raphael Your response is still buried in the forums!  Put it in the tutorial section or someplace else that makes sense on the website.

  • Wait... what was the reasone for delay to EU and rest of the world shipping??? Wasn't the instructions that needs to be translated???? Hmm and now there is no instructions at all...

    • Girts Burnauskis Nope, not the Insturctions that needs to be Printed, it was the Warranty and Claims Booklet (what is part of the Paperwork = Instuctions)!

    • Niels de Klerk Nice video and the app looks nice. However, I have no iOS or Android device. Do you know an (unsupported setup) method on Windows 10 (Mobile)?

    • Mandragore lookup the IP address of your NEEO brain then connect with a browser http://x.x.x.x:3200/eui

      where x.x.x.x is the IP of the brain.

      this is un-supported but might help you out. Im using it on my laptop with Chrome to configure stuff. Normal button operations do not work but you should be able to set things up.

      let me know If this helps

    • Niels de Klerk Thank you very much!

      So far I can't find the IP address. Do you know a way? I used to be a software developer, but I'm not an (network) administrator.

      Searching planet.neeo shows the remote can show the IP address. However, the remote can't pair without the brain being setup first. Chicken and egg..

    • Mandragore can you check the DHCP Cliënt function of your router?

      • Steveeo
      • Steveeo
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Mandragore You can find the Neeo Brain's IP address by logging in to your home router's administrative web page, where there's usually a link to show information for the devices on the network. For most routers, the admin page is found by entering the router IP address into a web browser. If you've never changed the default username/password for the administrator account of your router, it might be admin/admin, but you can find those default values for most router manufacturers at this page:

    • Steveeo Thanks! Already tried that. The 'attached devices' option in my Netgear Router Manager shows no devices at all, even though there are 10+ attached. Perhaps it only checks devices attached physically to the router itself?!

    • Niels de Klerk Router setup as DHCP server, ranging -

      • Steveeo
      • Steveeo
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Mandragore If the Brain is connected to your network by Ethernet cable, it should show up somewhere in the router admin page. (You won't be able to connect the Brain to WiFi initially, because you need the Neeo app or equivalent function to tell the Brain which WiFi network to connect to, and to supply it with the WiFi password.)

      You can try using Netgear's Network Genie desktop application instead of the admin web page. The Network Map function there should show all the devices connected, like the image below.

    • Mandragore there is no way to view your connected clients ? Try to dig deeper. There are other ways to find out but they are quite difficult to explain.

    • Steveeo Thanks again!

      I had started manually trying addresses and stopped at 19. Then Genie helped me find it was 20 😀

      • Mandragore
      • Mandragore
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Niels de Klerk Steveeo recommended Netgear Genie and now I'm in the setup you shared with me. Thanks again!

    • Mandragore great!

  • Good morning,

    i have an issue accessing through a browser, the system give a message that the application crashed.... any idea?

    thanks in advance 


      • Patrick
      • Patrick
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Jose Lopez Huete I assume you are trying that on an iOS device?

      Be aware, accessing you NEEO over a browser is just an option to work around issues. This is no officially supported feature. While it may become one in the future, we do not do any fixes for this at the moment. It is therefore not needed to report bugs concerning this topic.

    • Thanks for your answer!!! would be great to have it "officially"

      Thanks for your support


  • I have genuine list of default username and password for all the worldwide router you can check it at this page

  • I have been one of the Victim of this situation too. I forgot my Username and password of router. Couldn't find the Router box, While searching for Default username and password list, Found website Which has Quick Setup Guide with some Easy steps to Configure Router. Hope it might be helpful !! 🙂

  • Flip your router over. Default user and password should be on a sticker on bottom.