When switching from 1 recipe to another, unused components should shutdown.

Patrick Raphael Andy Emily Like a Logitech Harmony recipe, why can't NEEO switch off unused components when switching to another recipe?  Example: I was playing on my XBOX One last night which uses my TV, the Xbox and my AVR.  When I was done I wanted to watch my DirecTV.  When I push that recipe the DTV Genie client turns on and the TV changes input leaving the now unused AVR and Xbox still on.  For testing purposes I then shutdown the DirecTV recipe and everything including the AVR and Xbox shutdown.  So if I press off one recipe and all open (on) components shutdown, why can't NEEO shutdown unused components when switching between recipes?  To switch from playing XBOX One to watching DirecTV, I don't want to turn off the Xbox recipe and have my TV shut off then go and click the DirecTV recipe and have the TV turn back on.  Does what I am saying make sense?

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