Denon 1713 volume huge steps


So I'm having Denon 1713 receiver, which acts a little bit weird with the volume steps when using the Neeo remote. Not sure why, but here's what happening: when using my traditional remote for the receiver, and double taps (quick tap volume up or down twice) it steps from 20% to 21%, and when I tap the volume up even more times quickly, it acts as you would expect, 20, 21, 22, 23 etc.

But, when using the Neeo remote, I double tap the volume up or down button, the volume jumps like 20% up or down! It's like from 20% directly up to 40%. Which is extremely annoying when putting on a movie and the kids wake up with this extreme volume :D

I've looked through the manual for Denon, and I can't find anything related to this. Is Neeo using the volume differently than the original remote somehow?


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  • Hello Pär thank you for reporting this!I have submitted your request for the team to check this out, we will get back to you ASAP.


  • Pär

    Many thanks for your feedback! Please test the following Live IR Test and let me know which version works best.

    The Live IR Test works the following way:

    1. Navigate to the Settings Menu in your NEEO app.
    2. Navigate to NEEO Brain.
    3. Click on "Live IR Test".
    4. Enter into the text field the following code: G39stJatHp
    5. Test the commands

    Thanks for testing!

  • Pär

    Did you have a chance to test this? Thanks!

  • Pär

    As there was not further activity, we'll close this post. Of course, if the issue still persists, don't hesitate to contact us again. Thanks!

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