How does Neeo work ?

The remote connects directly to the brain or connects to the router ?
The remote control appears on the list of devices connected to the router, only a few seconds after it starts, and disappears. So I do not understand. Or she changes her name. What's her name ?

Is there any point in connecting the brain in RJ45 ?

Communication between brain and TV in CEC still does not work ?

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  • David T All of the connections are valid.

    1) The Remote

    a) connects directly to the Brain via 6lowPAN (NEEO Link) only used for updates for recipes, pictures

    b) connects to your WiFi dissapeard, when in sleep after arround 2 minutes.

    2) The Brain

    a) connects to your WiFi allways connected

    b) if plugged in also uses RJ-45 Network, but main Communication is still over WiFi, the most powerfull usage here was downloading the firmware image faster and stable.

    That's why 3 IP Adresses can be used in total. And why i recommend to reseve three in your router.

    3) Communication between Brain and TV is normaly based on IR not on CeC, only a small amout of Hardware uses CeC (e.g. Shield, Amazon Fire TV, PS4)

      • David T
      • David_T
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Markus M 
      "The Remote connects directly to the Brain via 6lowPAN (NEEO Link) only used for updates for recipes, pictures" 


      I'm not sure I understand, So NEEO should work without connection to my router?

    • David T not exactly 

      The remote can always work when connected to your wifi.

      But then no updates can be delivered to the remote, means:

      When you start a recipe via the app, it can happen that it is not started on the remote. This then requires an update via wifi which is a bit slower then the direct push via 6lp due to wifi first beads request the update and download it then.

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