Toshiba SD-3109 (DVD) - assign MENU to the physical button


Please add the action MENU to the physical button "Menu"


Currently there is one action linked to the physical button, namely MENU DISC, triggered by short touch of physical button "Menu"

MENU should be added to physical button "Menu"


It would make more sense if

- the SHORT TOUCH were the trigger for MENU, and

- the LONG TOUCH were the trigger for MENU DISC


Fyi the names of the two commands are misleading. The useful one is MENU:

- MENU gives the options for the disc you are watching (Play/ Scene Selection/ etc)  So that is most useful

- MENU DISC on the other hand gives the options to change the default settings for the disc player, so not as often used - basically only once, for the first time set up.  (e.g. the settings for Color to display the subtitles/ Parental lock/ Screen saver/ Default language to use when playing a disc) 



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  • Bill Kaczmarek

    For disc players, there is no possibility to add a secondary command without any software changes. I'm sorry! Cannot be done I'm afraid. Secondary menu functions are implemented only for set top boxes and TVs.

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    • Andy Got it.  Since only one action is possible, the button should map to the action that's useful for each disc (rather than the action used only initially, to set up the disc player defaults).

      Please map the physical button to the action MENU (rather than the current mapping of MENU DISC)   

      Thanks again!

      Yes, the names are misleading -- "Menu Disc" is in fact the menu for the disc-player defaults while "Menu" is the menu for the specific disc that is playing.

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      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 4 mths ago
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      Bill Kaczmarek 

      I've switched these commands. The new data will appear around 1PM CET.

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