Neeo Remote not charging......

Just recently (past week) the Neeo remote is refusing to charge. @times there was a partial charge of 15% and then it began charging @ 5%. The unit always charged to full 100% prior to the last occurrences.
Sometimes the battery indicator would come on for a few seconds when placing the remote in the charging base. Now there is no indicator and no charge. Pressing the power selector for a short or long time just brings up a message the unit is not charged. I checked the contacts and all were clean with no debris blocking the contacts.
I am not sure if this is a fault in the  remote or the charging base.

Remote is now unusable!
Does anyone have any suggestions on a fix?

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  • Well it appears I have found a temporary fix! I sprayed the spring loaded contact pins in the charger base with Electronic contact cleaner and what do know all is well in charger land.

    I suspect this is the weakest design in the Neeo system since it is electro-mechanical and the materials used apparently do not have the proper anti-corrosive properties to sustain a long life of use.

    It will be my practice in the future to clean these contacts in the charger base as well as the contact lands on the remote.

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