Keep getting error when publishing sdk

Hi maybe somebody can help me with the following :


i create e very simple app


but i am getting the following issue:

There was something fishy going on: "Undefined" is not an object(evaluationg 'e.roomname')"

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  • Vincent Boots Can you provide your code? or can you provide the DEBUG Output?

    here are some guy's (including myself in a small way) that should be able to help: Patrick Fiaux Michael Kohler Michael Vogt  Niels de Klerk Tim Roberts

    But without seeing anything, it will be hard to help. The current Text can be point to a non existing Device class (at least i guess here)

  • Of course, it is a very simple base setup

  • Got to give us a little more information - when did you get that message (in response to what action - was it a button press, hard button press, installing the app, etc)?  What console messages did you get (if any)? 


    Also - as Markus Mahr mentioned - you should turn on debug messages then run the APP - would give you a good hint...

  • The strange thing is that i get this message after i added my device to the neeo. An press to open it. After that i get the above issue. My debug console is not showing any error at all

    • Vincent Boots I did see some Issues:


      only is working for TV, DVB, GAMECONSOLE, MEDIAPLAYER, VOD, DVD or PROJECTOR. you set your device to MUSICPLAYER this can be an issue.

      Also you didn't load the Volume Key at your index.js file but you use them in the controller.js file


      Due to i'm at work currently, i can't dive deeper for now. But this might help to solve the issue, at least it will bring you into less issues.

  • Thnx a lot as soon as i am hone i Will try that!

  • Hi that didnt work. But when I tried to restart project from scratch I found out it where the switches where it went wrong.  

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